Dewatering bucket wheels

Dewatering bucket wheels

KISA Dewatering bucket wheels


Dewatering bucket wheels for dewatering of sand and gravel, for suction dredger feeding and for fine sand recovery

  • Wheel diameters:
  • Wheel width:
  • Blending capacity:
  • Solids output:
  • Grain sizes:

up to 8000 mm
up to 2800 mm
4000 m³/h
800 m³/h
up to 200 mm


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Our Dewatering bucket wheels

Our Dewatering bucket wheels

So-called suction dredgers are usually used in the gravel industry. The resulting water-gravel mixture is transported to the processing plant by means of hydraulic conveying. Within the plant, the material is transported via conveyor belts. For this purpose, however, it must be dried in advance, as it would otherwise, due to the high water content, flow off the belt.

Mode of operation:
The water-gravel mixture enters the machine, which is already filled with water, via the inlet chute.

Scooping elements, which are arranged in a circle in the rotating wheel body and have been provided with a sieve opening on the underside, lift up the fallen solids portion by portion. Depending on the mixing ratio between gravel and water, the speed is regulated fully automatically.

During half a revolution, the gravel now loses so much moisture that it “becomes pumpable”. A special device inside the wheel body, intensifies the drying process with the help of negative pressure.

Via chutes, the gravel with a small residual moisture reaches a conveyor belt and can be fed to the following production steps.

Types of construction:
The greater your mixture output, the larger the dewatering scoop wheel must be. Wheel diameters from 2.6 to 8m and wheel widths from 0.6 to 2.8m offer a wide range of possibilities.

In case of high fines content, which should not be lost via the water overflows, it is necessary to work with a trough widening. The endings: S; M; L; of the type number, stand for the length of the feed spirals or the width of the trough.

The wider the trough, the greater the water surface and the more time available for sedimentation of fine components of the material, since the water overflows are located at the edge of the machine.

Feed spirals convey the fines at the bottom towards the wheel body.

Our Dewatering bucket wheels in use

KISA – dewatering bucket wheels with lateral charging coils are used if fine sand losses are to be avoided. Contrarily to conventional sand catch pits, the sand-water mixture here is fed in the centre, resulting in half the flow velocity to each of the lateral positioned overflows.

Thus a smoother water surface is reached, enabling a better descending of sand, which is not directly caught by the buckets.

Then the sunken sand is recirculated to the wheel body by the lateral coils.

Depending on type size, wheel bodies and troughs are built in divided design for better transport.

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