Discharge systems for bulk material

Discharge systems for bulk material

KISA Discharge systems for bulk material


KISA Discharge systems are available in different versions.


KISA Products

Combined feeding units

Combined feeding units

Typ SN, SS, DS
Typ SN / SS / DS
Typ SN, D
Typ SN / D
Typ SN, S, D
Typ SN / S / D
Typ S, D
Typ S / D

KISA – combined feeding units are used for difficult-to-convey bulk material. Gate and conveyor are assembled to one unit by a connecting box. Vertical, bolted blades below the gate bottom provide the bulk material down to the feed belt and so prevent an uncontrolled breakaway. The gap between gate casing and connecting box – when opening the gate – is closed by long sealing bars, bolted on the face sides of the bottom plate. So, down to the discharge head of the feeding belt, a closed material flow is realized by KISA feeding units.

The KISA feeding unit always allows a maximum open cross section of the gate. So bridging and the resulting hang-ups will be avoided.

A column of bulk material is developing above the conveyor belt. A controlled dosing and discharge of the bulk material is possible by choosing belt speed and given layer height.

KISA combined feeding units have the smallest possible mounting height and are designed self supporting up to 2 m centre distance of conveyor belt.

All sheet parts are galvanized and bolted.

Optionally you can combine KISA feed belts with all KISA slide gate series. Also triple combinations, as for example, feed belt / drainage gate / emergency gate are possible.

The clearance width of the gate should be at least as big as the feed belt width. So the material flow remains undisturbed and high abrasion can be avoided. A material control flag is signalling the status “EMPTY“.

KISA Products

Electric gates for dewatering and dosing of bulk material

Typ S or SS with quadratic or rectangular opening
Typ SD
Typ SD with continuous quadratic opening

KISA – electrically driven slide gates are constructed in modular design. All frame parts are bolted to each other and each single part can be changed in case of wear and tear. The drive is positioned in the center and protected between the side bar sheets. The gate bottom is declined considerable and so presents the premise for a good drainage of wet bulk material. All sheet parts are hot galvanized. Drive shaft, pinion, rack and slide rails are galvanic plated. Installed limit switches mark the positions “Open” and “Closed”.

KISA – electrically driven slide gates are equipped with engine brakes. In case of volumetric loading, we achieve by this means 100 % reproducibility of the open cross section, dependant of the running time.

In case of closed KISA – electric gates a drainage for wet, standing column of bulk material will be achieved. This is done as well by installed draining screens, as by the adjustable gap, between gate bottom and casing. Both of the water flow will be provided over the declined gate bottom to the gutter below the gate and can be drained further by customary plastic pipes at site.

For less flow rates however, as for example for blendings, the KISA type SD is suitable. A quadratic cross section is formed in every state of opening and so there are optimal flow characteristic for the bulk materia.

KISA Products

Dosing belts

KISA dosing belts are used for gravimetrical as well as volumetrical dosing of bulk material. The design is modular, as for the gates i.e. every single part is bolted and can be changed in case of wear.

Discharge capacities up to 2500 t/h are possible. The newest technology of frequency converters allows absolutely continuous control for any range So, for example the capacity control of the KISA Standard belt D800, covers the range of 0–600t/h.

Typ D
Typ D for standard use
Typ DR
Typ DR for reversible operation
Typ DS
Typ DS widening material guiding in conveying direction
Typ DX
Typ DX for special sizes
Typ DG
Typ DG with weighing accuracy +/-1%
Typ DGX with weighing accuracy +/-0,25%
Further equipment features:
  • exchangeable wear protection in the range of  high abrasion by product
  • slip-on gears with thermo sensors and ISO – Class F
  • change of belt is possible, without dismantling of drum
  • wide hand holes in the longitudinal frames for easy change of carrier rollers
  • guiding strips made from natural rubber for extremely wet product 
  • guide bars/boxes, widening in conveying direction
  • high dosing accuracy, even if pure volumetrical
  • rigid, heavy design
  • hot-dip galvanizing
  • signal „empty“ (optional)
  • failure sensor (optional for standstill)
  • belt off-track limit switch (optional)

KISA Products

Flat slide gates and emergency shut-off gates

Typ SNE for small installation height with electric drive
Typ SN
Typ SN emergency gate with rack, manually actuated by wrench SW36
Typ SNS needle gate, for shut-off standing column of bulk material
Typ ST
Typ ST emergency gate with push plug

KISA Products

Single grain size loading

Single grain size loading


The KISA loading terminal EKV-1 enables the self-service loading by the trucker. The big keyboard and an easy to read, reflexion-free display asks for the following input:

  1. quantity to load in tons, for example: 29,3t
  2. with or without trailer (with trailer a second quantity has to be defined)
  3. Start – push button

After a programmable delay, the gate valve opens and automatically starts the dosing conveyor respectively. The loading will be volumetric, depending from opening width of gate valve and the flow rate of belt conveyor and the processor-calculated time, respectively.

A high standard of precision is reached by the high time resolution and the exact, mechanical reproducibility of KISA dosing units.

KISA Products

Blended grain size loading

Blended grain size loading

Software MEDOS
Software MEDOS

Our software MEDOS, especially developed for blended grain size loading, allows to create and manage extreme varying blends. By calling prior deposited recipes (compositions) and the loading quantity, can be started at once.

  • A unique menu guiding and the clearly visualized MECOS are the warranty for an easy to handle operation.
  • MEDOS can operate volumetric, as well as gravimetric.
  • The handling is possible optionally by a commercial quality PC or a touch screen PC with protection IP55 for outside operation.
  • Self-service loading for truckers, here are also possible with corresponding card readers, mostly by transponder cards.
Discharge systems in use

KISA Products

Special constructions

Special tasks require special solutions.

The employees of the design department determine the optimum design of the respective machine in close consultation with the customer.

KISA Products

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