Double shaft log washers

Double shaft log washers

KISA Double shaft log washers


KISA log washers are designed for washing muddy feedstock.

  • Grain sizes:
  • Throughput:
  • Length of trough:

0 to 250 mm
40 t/h to 600 t/h
4 to 10 m

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Our double shaft log washers

Highly efficient washing results for a wide variety of rock types are achieved with a KISA heavy-duty wash.

Clay, loam, and other impurities are grated by rotating sword shafts and directed out of the sword wash via a predefined water flow. Suspended solids such as wood and foliage are also separated from the rock and discharged from the machine.

The KISA Sword Washers are characterized by a robust design. Even under rough operating conditions, a long service life can thus be achieved if all maintenance work is carried out properly

Mode of operation:
A sword washer is set up at an angle, with the outlet at the top. The contaminated rock is fed in at the bottom, inclined upwards, conveyed through the machine and cleaned in the meantime. Two counter-rotating sword shafts, with swords arranged in a spiral, rub the impurities from the rock and convey it upwards at the same time.
Opposite to the conveying direction, a water flow runs through the machine, which causes a clear separation between the clean rock and the impurities.

Depending on the requirements, we adapt the machine together with the customer. For example, if the rock is heavily contaminated, we lengthen the trough or increase the trough inclination to extend the washing time.

Common variables are: the trough length; the inclination of the machine; the electrical drive power; and the water feed.

The actual size depends on the throughput capacity.

Double shaft log washers in use

In the shown application a washing drum, designed for 800t/h has been changed against KISA – doubleshaft logwashers for 400t/h each.

Severely muddy crushing material with grain size 2-250mm has been charged. The washing effect, has been many times higher, compared with the washing drum. Additionally the water consumption decreased considerably. The continuous material feeding is done by a KISA – feed belt: an essential condition for good washing results.

KISA Products

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