Wash- and dewatering screws

Wash- and dewatering screws

KISA Wash- and dewatering screws


KISA Wash- and dewatering screws for cleaning and dewatering of sand.

For low solids outputs, the KISA washing and dewatering screw is used as an alternative to the scoop wheels. The solids are transported by a rotating screw inside the machine. Escaping water flows down along the inclined machine bottom.

  • Flow rate capacities:
  • Blade diameters:
  • Trough length:
  • Trough inclination:

6 – 160 m³/h
400 – 2000mm
5000 – 10500mm

Wasch- und Entwässerungsschnecken

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Our Wash- and dewatering screws

In case of particularly heavy contamination of the rock, additional washing tools and a water upflow device are provided.

The solids are mostly fine or coarse sands in the grain ranges from 0 to max. 8 mm. The feed of the sand-water mixture takes place in the lower part of the screw trough, the so-called water box.

For a smooth water overflow, the overflow chamber is separated from the inlet chamber by a partition wall. The overflow chamber is equipped with several water channels. This achieves a low discharge velocity of the water, which reduces the loss of fine sand.

A natural bed of material is formed between the screw flights and the trough bottom, which protects the screw trough against wear. When conveying to the discharge side, the material is compacted by the movement at the screw flights, resulting in good dewatering.

Wasch- und Entwässerungsschnecken
Wasch- und Entwässerungsschnecken
Wasch- und Entwässerungsschnecken
Wear of screw blades

Wear of screw blades is highly dependant from raw material. Wear increases with crushed material or increasing grain size.

A cladding of wear strips, made of HARDOX or optional thick plastic segments has been proved as wear protection at the conveying side of the screw blade.

The wear protection is bolted, as a rule and thus can be changed.

Wasch- und Entwässerungsschnecken

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