Mineral blending units

Mineral blending units

KISA Dosing units


KISA – Dosing units are used for producing Standard aggregates for road-building, various gravel-, sand- and split blendings, as well as for special blendings in the concrete- and asphalt producing industry.

  • Loading capacity:
  • Feeding hoppers:
  • Design:

between 15, 20, 25 and 30m³ each
modular and semi mobile


KISA Products

Our Mineral blending units

Our Mineral blending units

Each feeding hopper has its own supporting construction and so is self supporting. Therefore any sequence or combination, also later supplementation are possible at any time

Hopper batteries up to 5 pieces, complete with dosing conveyors and distraction conveyors are transportable as one unit. The loading conveyor is transported on a second semi trailer.

So a quick assembly at site is guaranteed. Also the electric installation is prepared for plug-in, so at site only power supply is needed. The hopper top walls are moveable and only must be opened and bolted at site.

Also a supporting wall for a ramp at site is mounted. It is possible to link the wall at the right or left side.

When the bottom at site is hard surfaced, levelled and an electric connection cable is available, the plant is ready for operation within a few hours.

The charging can be done directly by the skid-mounted KISA conveyor belt. It is height-adjustable – in several Stepps –  and slewable 180°over a centre pin. Stairs with a single-sided gangway and gallery, round the drive, enable a quick access.

At the discharge head of the loading belt, optional KISA mixing wheels or KISA double-shaft mixer can be placed, for absolutely homogeneous mixing.

A continuous flow characteristic of the bulk material is reached by wide, long  discharge openings, steep cones and vibrator chutes. At the transfer to the loading belt, a shower is used for moistening. All drives are provided with thermo sensors for full motor protection and with separate repair switches.

By the KISA software MEDOS the plant will be observed and operated very easy, optional with a touch screen – PC (electric protection IP55) or a commercial quality PC. Input and management is possible for blendings, customer list, loading rate, etc. It is also possible, to use card readers, which enable “self service” loading by the truck driver. Switching over to manual operation enables the conventional operation by push button.


Loading unit in use

All possibilities can be realized by this – here shown – loading unit. The client optional can do the truck loading by the KISA dosing unit or feed the stock pile discharge belt through an additional hopper.

By a wheel drive the loading belt is moveable. Lots of new possible compositions (recipes) are opening a total new market area.


More Mineral blending units

This is a stationary blending plant. From above the under-floor hoppers are fed directly by trucks.  Further transport is done through KISA combined dosing units, consisting from dewatering gates and dosing belt, to a collating conveyor and afterwards to the ship.

Continuous discharge capacities of 0 – 600t/h per hopper, are possible.


Here shown KISA – mineral mixing unit is provided with a calibrated weight belt feeder.

So the client can create a delivery note, directly after loading at site, by a calibrated printer. The delivery note contains client`s name, loading quantity, recipe, date and time.

The unit is provided with electric power by a Diesel – driven generator.

KISA Products

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